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Call Me A Luddite

August 23, 2023


Over the past couple of years, I have slowly been disconnecting myself from the technological matrix that has seemingly engulfed everything good, true, and beautiful in our world. A few years ago I completely disconnected from Instagram and Facebook. I had an anon Twitter account for short periods in the interim, but I’ve gotten rid of that too. I switched my phone from Apple to a non-Google OS...

Against the Divine Right of Kings

August 24, 2021

Resistance Theory

Church History

Leviathan Raises His HeadIn some parts of the world, the dominant political theory from the late 16th century to roughly the late 18th century was a doctrine known as the Divine Right of Kings. This doctrine states that a monarch is not answerable to any earthly authority. The reasoning behind this is that the king is established by God Himself, and is thus answerable only to God for His action...

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Be Holy, Brothers

October 12, 2023

Many ages in church history were full of men who sought to, albeit sometimes in a misguided way, attain greater levels of holiness.They worked at it.The prioritized it.While I would not advocate for the monasticism of the Desert Fathers, or the rigidity of the Puritans, we must admire their effor...

Why Almost Everyone Should Train With Kettlebells

October 9, 2023

Something I haven’t written a lot about is the fact that I’ve been involved in some kind of athletic endeavor for pretty much all my life. I played team sports when I was a kid like soccer and basketball and baseball, which I hated. In early high school I ran track and cross country, which were a...

We Don't Have to Do This

September 29, 2023

I wholeheartedly reject the idea that any technological developments are “inevitable”.To say the opposite is to ascribe technological progress to some inhuman, cosmic, or mystical force, like gravitation, or entropy, or fate. That isn’t how any technology comes about.Technological progress is fun...


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